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Company Information

Wai Ka Transportation Company is a professional logistics consultancy in Hong Kong. With a large transportation network and an experienced team, our experience and expertise allow us to provide a diverse range of logistic solutions to meet the needs of our many clients. Our many clients include government departments, schools, charitable organizations and numerous prestigious companies, both local and international. Our high quality, one-stop logistics management services range from storage, general freight, handling and transportation to full scale logistics including stadium and park redevelopment, staging large performances and sporting events.

Company Objective

Whether we are helping you move office, or transporting a priceless exhibition, our care and attention to detail has made us the logistics management consultant of choice for those who demand the highest level of service. Allowing us to take care of all your logistic requirements means you have the opportunity to focus on what important ‘expanding your business’.
We are committed to providing the most suitable logistic solution for all types of businesses. Our diligence in all maters to do with logistics means we can provide the most competitive, reliable and secure service in the field of logistics. Our services include:


  We provide a professional storage facility that is fully equipped and hosts a comprehensive warehouse management service.

General Freight Services

  General freight such as goods delivery to warehouses, ports and industrial / commercial buildings
  Local container haulage

Handling / Lifting Services

  Various handling / lifting projects
  Loading and discharging of container
  Houses and office moving
  Exhibitions materials transportation
  General cargo transportation
In order to meet the needs for different clients, we have extended our service to include a “professional services referral”. Whatever your requirements are we have the right partner for the job. All service providers are carefully selected to ensure you can expect the same level of quality service you have come to appreciate when dealing with us. Categories include:


  Provide free advice, included:
    * general industrial / commercial insurance
    * liability insurance
    * group insurance
    * individual insurance
    * pension funds
    * education funds

Air conditioning Repair Services Of Commercial Vehicles

  Air conditioning maintenance and repair services for commercial vehicles

Computer Systems Management And Support

  Provide general computer system settings, manage and support service, include:
    * Router / Firewall / VPN configuration ( Cisco / Sonicwall / Checkpoint/Fortigate)
    * Corporation / Local Office Network Buildup and Maintain
    * Computer systems set up and maintenance in Hong Kong with Mainland
    * Professional hard disk data recovery
    * System protection card

Paper Products

   Paper products including:
    * cartons
    * boxes
    * paper bags

Plastic Products

   Numerous plastic bag products

Acrylic Products

   Provide a range of Acrylic products


   Provide professional Chinese / English translation services.

General Trade Service

   Sourcing services for all customers including various goods / commodities

For all inquiries, please contact our friendly staff so we can determine the most suitable referral.

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